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Stories to Action is a volunteer initiative, working with a team of young people based across the globe. 
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Are you passionate about SRHR, and do you want to push forward young people’s rights looking back and moving forward from COVID-19? We are looking for one Youth Country Ambassador for each of these countries: Indonesia/Nepal/China/Georgia/Sierra Leone/Zimbabwe/Colombia/Sudan, to join our Ambassador Programme team!

Role Description: 

This is a country ambassador role for young people up to age 29, focusing on each of these capital regions of the following countries as of the current program:

  • Special Capital Region of Jakarta – Indonesia
  • Kathmandu Metropolitan City – Nepal
  • Beijing Municipality – China
  • City of Tbilisi – Georgia
  • Freetown Municipality – Sierra Leone
  • Harare Metropolitan Province – Zimbabwe
  • Bogotá, Distrito Capital – Colombia
  • Metropolis Khartoum – Sudan

The Ambassador will be part of
Stories to Action’s Global Youth Ambassador Programme, which is focused on Low-and-Middle-Income-Countries (LMIC) globally and will be piloted from January-May 2023.

As an Ambassador, you will act as a youth representative of your region (which is for now defined as the capital region of your country) and will be a focal point in:

1) Gaining young people’s stories, insights, knowledge, and experiences regarding their Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic; 

2) Advocating for young people’s SRHR in and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic  and other future crises; and

3) Forming a global network of young people on the issue of SRHR during COVID-19 and beyond. 

Within this role, you are expected to work closely in a collaborative manner with Stories To Action’s team and other country ambassadors to:

  • Provide and collect stories, insights, and experiences from your own life and/or your communities regarding young people’s SRHR during COVID-19 in your region;
  • Support Stories to Action’s research team in conducting desk/literature research on young people’s SRHR during COVID-19;
  • Co-create and co-develop collective knowledge products (KPs) in the form of:
    • A policy paper
    • A one-pager
    • A summary infographic 
    • A social media campaign
    • A (global) online round-table discussion

Please note that you will be supported during the process and there will be additional human resources for supporting activities like final drafting, translation, and illustration for the development of the KP. The role of the ambassadors will be centred on collecting and sharing existing knowledge with equal credit/recognition/co-authorship for all ambassadors.

  • Engage your network to spread the knowledge products and encourage their use as advocacy tools
  • Actively advocate for young people’s SRHR during COVID-19 and beyond based on (but not necessarily as the only sources) the knowledge and knowledge products collected and generated during this programme.

This is a compensated position. Other than financial compensation, benefits also include:

  • tailored training on research and advocacy
  • mentorship
  • global networking opportunities

Start Date: December 2022

Location: Remote/Worldwide [stable internet connection required]

Duration: 5 months (January-May 2022)


The Stories to Action’s Global Youth Ambassador Programme, supported by Share-Net International (SNI) Activation Grant 2022, aims to shed light on the SRHR challenges faced by young people during the COVID-19 pandemic in eight capital cities of eight LMICs globally and provide solid recommendations on how policymakers within these cities, countries, and the world at large can meaningfully engage and support young people in addressing these challenges.

This program aims to support adolescents and youth in the eight LMIC capital cities to connect with and influence policymakers in their cities to make sure that their specific experiences and voices are not pushed aside in policy development and implementation regarding their own lives and wellbeing. It aims to do so by engaging, centering, and involving young people themselves – tapping into their knowledge, insights, and experiences – in order to develop and publish knowledge products related to young people’s SRHR during COVID-19. These knowledge products will be strong advocacy tools for and by young people. They will be used to share perspectives, lessons learned, and key takeaways with national and global policymakers and SRHR actors, to push them to reflect on how they engage young people and tackle their SRHR during the ongoing pandemic and beyond.


We are seeking for an enthusiastic and dedicated  young person who has a passion for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), human rights, social impact, and young people’s activism. 

In order to enable effective participation in the programme, you will be required to:

  • Be 29 years of age or younger upon commencement of the programme
  • A citizen (proven by the right documentation, e.g. passport or national ID card) of one of the aforementioned countries with proven experience of long-term stay in the respective capital region
  • Be based in the capital region of your country from January to May 2022, except for short travel less than 2 (two) weeks in duration
  • Of any gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, or status of ability
  • Have some formal or informal experiences or familiarity with the issue of SRHR and young people (including at community level)
  • Have your own formal or informal network of youth, activists, advocates, policymakers, researchers and/or practitioners in the issue of young people and SRHR
  • Ability to communicate effectively in English (no certificate is needed)
  • Have access to stable internet connection (a connectivity budget is available if you need additional financial support)

It would be nice, but not mandatory, if you have:

  • Some background or experiences regarding research/activism/advocacy in related issues (SRHR, gender, young people’s health and wellbeing, global/public health, etc.)
  • Some background or experiences in writing, and/or
  • Some academic/professional background in related issues


  • Passion and commitment to creativity and activism: youth rights and empowerment; global health; intersectionality, social justice, and human rights
  • Ability to work efficiently, meeting deadlines and deliverables
  • Ability to work in a collaborative manner and in a diverse environment
  • Good communication skills and active listening skills 
  • Empathy and compassion in discussing sensitive topics
  • Ability to convey ideas to others in a way that promotes understanding and dialogue
  • An eye for detail 
  • Ability to give, receive, and execute on (constructive) feedback
  • Creative and persistent “can-do” attitude
  • Willingness to work with  interdisciplinary and multicultural actors 


The initial orientation period will take place between December 2022- January 2022. The implementation phase will take place between January – April 2023. During this period the Ambassadors will deliver on the aforementioned tasks and products. Finally, in May 2023, an evaluation period will round off the pilot project – where the team will reflect on achievements and lessons learned.

The Ambassador must be willing to work flexible hours (for a maximum of cumulative 12 hours per week) to accommodate diverse global time zones of the team members. This position may therefore require occasional weekend and evening work. The Stories to Action’s team members currently work in CET and EST time zones. The programme’s country ambassadors will come from several different time zones as well: Colombia Standard Time, China Standard Time, Western Indonesia Time, Central Africa Time, Georgia Standard Time, Nepal Time, and Greenwich Mean Time. 


This role would be remunerated a total amount of EUR 500 per person for the whole duration of the program. The set up of the payment will be discussed with the selected candidate.

We understand it is not always possible to fit 100% of the competencies outlined. If you feel you are a strong fit for this role with the motivation to grow, please still apply. We also encourage young people from vulnerabilized, marginalized, or minority identities to apply – such as girls and women, LGBTQIA+, those living with disabilities, sex workers, those living in humanitarian settings, or ethnic/religious minorities.

Please submit your CV/resume and a cover letter as attachments via email with “Application as youth ambassador – [name of capital region]” as the email’s subject to by 5th of December at the latest. Any questions can be directed via email to PLEASE NOTE THAT INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS (e.g. missing a cover letter) OR APPLICATIONS NOT SUBMITTED IN ENGLISH, WON’T BE CONSIDERED. 

Thank you and we look forward to your application!