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Most frequent questions and answers

You can find Stories to Action’s Mission and Vision Statement here.

As directed by GDPR, we follow appropriate technical as well as operational safeguard measures. These include well encrypted and safe storage, anonymous data collection and the ability to access, delete and change information you provided per your needs.

When you take the survey, Typeform stores your data in the country you take the survey in. More information can be found here. Our website is hosted by Strato, more information on their privacy policies can be found here.

We do not collect any personal identifier such as your email, name etc, therefore, none of what you share here can be traced back to you. We keep it anonymous so that you can feel safe and can share your personal experiences.

Stories to Action is a data ‘processor,’ which implies that we collect, analyse and store information on 3rd party servers.

We are dedicated to give credit where it is due, that is why we attribute externally contributed pictures to the relevant organization/ person. We also make use of platforms providing free access to photo’s such as 

If you send as a story or participate in our survey you are agreeing / giving your consent in line with our consent form