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We are excited to share with you stories of young people from across the globe! These stories offer unique, diverse and eye-opening reflections on how COVID-19 is impacting young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights. Enjoy!

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Freeing The Caged Bird

While the COVID-19 pandemic had the world in it’s grasp, it did not stop Mateenah’s work in creating community and promoting access to family planning and safe abortion services in Ghana. Read along, as she shares the experiences that fired this passion and how her work has offered a healing journey of her own.   I… Read More »Freeing The Caged Bird

Reframing My Identity

While the COVID-19 pandemic has negative impacts, it has also been a positive turning point for many. Urging them to stand in their truth. Read along as Hansen, from Indonesia, shares how the pandemic offered him space to connect and  reclaim his identity.  ‘The Japanese say you have three faces. The first face, you show… Read More »Reframing My Identity

A Hazy Summer

Navigating a global pandemic with disabilities brings its own unique barriers and opportunities. From India, Nishita shares how they navigated the height of COVID-19  and its impact on their family, health and wellbeing.  With regards to my disabilities and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) during the pandemic, I found myself in quite the… Read More »A Hazy Summer
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Between Poverty and A Pandemic: How the Right to Pleasure Matters for All

 Laura Ramos Tomás  shares how TabuTabu provides pleasure-positive sexuality education in Brazil. Read along as she shared which challenges COVID-19 has brought and how putting communities at the heart of their work has led to new opportunities! My name is Laura, and I am a European sexuality educator working with underserved communities in Latin America… Read More »Between Poverty and A…

Dialoguing to Bridge Gender Inequality in China through the Multicultural Women’s Dialogue

Siwei (Shelley) Tan, is the co-founder of Multicultural Women’s Dialogue which aims to promote gender equality and multicultural exchange among women in China. She has two cats, two dogs, is bi-sexual, and advocates for gender equality in the southwest of China through her work for WeforShe, a local grass-root non-governmental organization. WeforShe has done multiple… Read More »Dialoguing to Bridge Gender…

International Youth Day 2021: How is food security ensuring young people’s sexual & reproductive health & rights?

This International Youth Day, we’re taking time to reflect on how the annual theme Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health links to young people, their sexual and reproductive health and rights and COVID-19. In this piece, Esther Makula also reflects on how youth are rallying for more innovative approaches to ensuring… Read More »International Youth Day 2021:…
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Differences Made in a Year of COVID-19 – Building a Global Community

Our co-founder, Sanne Thijssen, reflects on Stories To Action’s main supporters, personal experience during Stories To Action’s first year and the future ahead. What’s more, some of our global team members reflect on their time at Stories To Action! When the pandemic hit last year, I couldn’t predict it’s magnitude. But, what I could predict… Read More »Differences Made in a…
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Differences Made in a Year of COVID-19 – Driven by Social Innovation & Passion

Our Co-founder, Jingyun (Iris) Pi, reflects on Stories To Action’s founding journey and personal experience during Stories To Action’s first year and the future ahead. Back in January 2020, when COVID hit China, I was  transitioning between jobs. I was planning to work for an international non-governmental organization (INGO) outside China. Due to COVID, I… Read More »Differences Made in a…

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