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About Us

Our vision, mission and team

What we stand for


We envision a world where every young
person’s voice on their sexual and
reproductive health and rights is heard and
in which they have equal access to SRHR
services, information and resources, even in
times of public health emergencies like

What we stand for

Our Mission

  • Amplifying youth voices on SRHR during
  • Collecting data on youth’s needs,
    challenges and circumstances relating to SRHR to inform better decision-making;
  • Advocating for social change and progress
    on SRHR to meet the needs of youth during
    COVID-19 and future similar crises;
    • Influencing decision-makers on youth-related
      policies and interventions to
      ensure that youth voices are a central
      part of the decision-making process
    • Building sustainable and impactful
      partnerships with diverse stakeholders
      and inspire collective action on realizing
      young people’s universal access to SRHR
  • Sharing authentic and accessible external
    resources on SRHR in the COVID-19 context.