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Ambassador Programme

Six ambassadors in six cities reflect on COVID-19 impact on urban youth

Throughout 2023, Stories To Action’s ambassadors tapped into their communities to unveil how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights… and continues to do so.  

Explore our findings below. 

Our policy brief

Linking global
to local

Our extensie analysis brings together findings from across the globe, offering local and global recommendations.

Check out

city policy-makers' Impact

Our  concise one-pager highlights actions city-level decision-makers can take to stand up 
for young people.

dive into


Six infographics, highlighting how action can be taken in Freetown, Harare, Bogota, Jakarta and Kathmandu.

Unleash urban youth's Potential Policy Brief

Dive into the complexities of adolescent and youth Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) in Low and Middle-Income Countries during  and beyond COVID-19 with our policy paper. 

Developed through a comprehensive desk review and Ambassadors’  and their communities lived experiences, the paper explores each capital city’s SRHR challenges, compares findings, and concludes with targeted recommendations for policymakers. 

Gain valuable insights to address the nuanced needs of youth SRHR beyond the pandemic era.

Beyond covid

Uncover six actions you can take in our one-pager, “City Policymakers as Changemakers for Adolescent and Youth’s SRHR during COVID-19.” 

Informed by global recommendations stemming from findings and suggestions in our longer policy paper, coupled with additional insights of Ambassadors, this concise one-pager informs local policymakers with targeted guidance to navigate and enhance adolescent and youth SRHR in their cities.

Unlocking the future

Make the most of our five infographics, each tailored to highlight challenges and recommendations per capital city in both English and local languages. Pulled from our policy paper, these visually impactful resources serve as powerful advocacy tools to engage policymakers to address key SRHR needs within each community.


Read the infographic here.


Read the infographic here.


Find the English version here

Find the Spanish version here


Find the English version here

Find the Bahasa Indonesia version here


Find the English version here

Nepali version under  review. – stay tuned!

Our Team and Ambassadors

Get to know our dedicate team and ambassadors. 
The ambassador programme was made possible through a Small Grants by Share-Net. 

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Ambassador Zimbabwe

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Chrystal is a passionate development practitioner with experience in developing and leading SRHR and HIV programming for traditionally marginalized groups. As an Ambassador, she has dedicated her career to promoting health and well-being among these communities. When she’s not working to create a more just and equitable world, Chrystal is also a part-time florist who finds joy in the artistry of flowers.

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Ambassador Sudan

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Heba is a medical doctor and a sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) activist from Khartoum, Sudan. Heba is passionate about promoting and advocating for SRHR, Women’s Rights, Social Change, and Community Mobilisation.

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Ishmael Amadu

Ambasssador Sierra leone

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Ishmael is a gender-based violence advocate, personal development coach, content creator, and educator from Sierra Leone. He is passionate about raising awareness about gender-based violence and empowering young people to live their best lives.

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Ambassador Indonesia

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Noval Auliady, based in Jakarta, innovatively uses technology to champion nonprofit causes. His work with Perkumpulan Lintas Feminis and Hollaback! Jakarta, alongside his initiatives like, highlights his knack for tech-driven activism. At the State University of Jakarta, he empowers youth and fights for minority rights, making a notable impact with his modern, tech-savvy approach.

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Ambassador Colombia

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Paula is a pharmacist with a gender leadership background, SRHR advocacy and public health focus. She has supported educational processes about abortion, misconception and menstrual hygiene. Currently, she is developing different cultural projects in Bogotá around intersectional feminism and SRHR with women of different professional fields.

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Ambasssador Nepal

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Shuvangi is a passionate independent writer and documentary filmmaker from Kathmandu, Nepal. She is also one of the editors of the e-magazine, The Pomelo. When not researching or thinking hard in non-fiction, she likes to dabble in poetry and fiction.




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Sanne is a passionate advocate and activist for sexual and reproductive health and rights. She’s always on the lookout for innovative ways to combine storytelling and collective action to move and inspire people to create change in their communities. Oh.. and she’s a huge ice cream and cake lover!

Putri Widi

Ambassador Manager
Amsterdam, NL

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Putri is an SRHR specialist and intersectional feminist trained in global public health and as a medical doctor. They enjoy doing intersectoral and collaborative work to do anything to advance SRHR and intersectional gender justice. They are also a strong advocate for global health decolonization.



Advocacy Manager

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Naciza is a feminist, gender professional and community organizer. With a breadth of experience in global contexts, she explores SGBV, race and tech intersect, seeking to understand how we can design better and more inclusive systems.

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Graphic designeR
Barcelona, ES

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Luisa is a visual communicator with experience working in the digital rights and sexual health sector. Currently studying gender studies and constantly learning new ways to use art for social impact.



Research Manager
New Dehli,IN

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Radhika is an intersectional feminist, researcher and facilitator working on the intersections of gender, sexuality, menstrual health, and SRHR. As a menstrual health activist, she has led conversations on menstrual health in multiple parts of India. Radhika is obsessed with cats and lives with her two cats and one dog in New Delhi




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Tawonga is a women’s rights advocate and passionate feminist working to advance  women’s SRHR and feminist movement building. As a movemnet builder, she has been involved in creating spaces for women’s solidarity and promoting learning experiences aimed at retrieving the voice of women and girls in Southern African history. She is obsessed with African fiction and is a self-identified budding novelist.