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Black Lives Matter: Our statement

We as Stories to Action reflect on the Black Lives Matter movement and release our statement in solidarity. 

As Stories to Action we stand behind the Black Lives Matter movement and fight against all forms of racism and discrimination that happened in the past, are happening now, and will happen in the future in all parts of society and all corners of the world.

Over the course of the past weeks, we have been reflecting on our role, approach and values in our fight for human rights. The discussions we had – and continue to have – were hard, uncomfortable, emotional and have already left an impact on our organization’s structure.

As first-time co-founders, we recognize that we have made mistakes throughout this process and take to heart the lessons that this process has brought us – amongst others-   in terms of leadership, accountability, honesty and personal growth.

We remain committed to amplifying the voices of youth, being ever more aware of the diversities that exist and with a renewed passion to highlight the injustices that take place. 

Please find our organizational statement below. 

Iris and Sanne
(Co-founders Stories To Action)

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