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We are excited to share with you stories of young people from across the globe! These stories offer unique, diverse and eye-opening reflections on how COVID-19 is impacting young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights. Enjoy!

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Fighting Period Poverty in a Pandemic

Raquel Daniel , founder of Beyond the Classroom Foundation, highlights how her foundation is dedicated to ending period poverty- especially now, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic affecting women and girls in Nigeria. In times of crisis, the reproductive health and rights of women and girls are often neglected and, worse, threatened. The COVID-… Read More »Fighting Period Poverty in…

Amid the Corona Outbreak, Telemedicine Abortion Remains the Only Hope for Women

Hazal Atay, a seasoned activist and expert working on abortion and SRHR, writes about the threats that women face in accessing their fundamental right to abortion throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and highlights why telemedicine offers a solution for many. “I called all the clinics and hospitals, noone wants to help me. They tell me to… Read More »Amid the Corona Outbreak,…
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Meeting the sexual and reproductive health needs of women in Nepal

Women’s needs in Nepal have been greatly impacted by COVID-19. Sabina Pokhrel, a fervent activist and changemaker, comments on the challenges and situations that women are facing.  “We have received 6-7 calls for the rescue of women who have had abortions in this lockdown. However, abortion doesn’t fall under the category of women we rescue.”… Read More »Meeting the sexual and…


Jing Guo is a social worker and a feminist from China. She moved to Wuhan in November 2019 and currently lives alone in Wuhan. In the advocacy of women’s rights, Jing Guo works on sexual harassment and gender discrimination at workplace.  In 2017, she launched the 074 Women’s Legal Hotline at workplace to provide legal… Read More »INTERVIEW WITH THE AUTHOR…

Black Lives Matter: Our statement

We as Stories to Action reflect on the Black Lives Matter movement and release our statement in solidarity.  As Stories to Action we stand behind the Black Lives Matter movement and fight against all forms of racism and discrimination that happened in the past, are happening now, and will happen in the future in all… Read More »Black Lives Matter: Our…

Menstrual health Day: Changemakers’ Q&A

Today marks this year’s annual Menstrual Health Day. To celebrate this we are highlighting two changemakers  in the field of menstrual health – both on our instagram and in this mini-Q&A! We as Stories To Action, interviewed two amazing young women creating change on menstrual health in their communities and the world at large. Meet… Read More »Menstrual health Day: Changemakers’…

“Fear and anxiety is the new rhythm of my life”

Did we offend the universe and now it’s payback time? Why is the earth super angry with us? Is nature finally speaking to us? Well, we don’t know. The only thing we are certain about right now about the Coronavirus is that much is still uncertain. Evelyn Odhiambo, youth advocate for NAYA Kenya, spoke with… Read More »“Fear and anxiety is…

The effects of COVID-19 on abortion rights around the world

COVID-19 is affecting abortion rights around the globe. How? Stories to Action’s, Agnes Vinblad, highlights the impact. The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting all parts of society and all areas of healthcare, in every country. This means that the ongoing pandemic most definitely is having a serious impact on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and… Read More »The effects of COVID-19…

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